At Castlemaine Dairy in 1971

A correspondent, new to this blog, recently asked whether I had married my fiancée I mentioned in a postcard from 1970. Well, the answer was yes and it still is. We married in 1971 and this is a photo taken on our honeymoon tour of Eire. It is at Castlemaine and shows the morning milk arriving at the dairy. Castlemaine is north west of Killarney and near the Dingle Peninsula.


I was captivated by this scene for it represented the past as far as a South of England young man was concerned.

Well some of the milk has been tractor hauled, but the horse and donkey were still vital forms of motive power down in the south west of the republic. We clearly were in small farm territory. Loads of one, two or three churns were the norm, maybe representing milking herds of a dozen beasts.

But of course, this daily routine for the local farmers brought them all within chatting distance of one another. It was a daily opportunity to exchange gossip and news. The bulk tank collection from huge farms just doesn’t allow for this.

Mind you, patience was needed whilst the farmer’s chatted.




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2 Responses to “At Castlemaine Dairy in 1971”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. This brings back a lot of memories as my mother was from Killorglin – very near to Castlemaine! And my uncle Joe was a small farmer. In my early youth I would go with him to the local creamery with the churns of milk being transported on a donkey drawn trailer. Regards Thom.

    • locksands Says:

      So pleased to bring back memories for others. And what a fabulous area the West of Ireland was – and still is.

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