The Bartered Bride

On the whole, I have not taken much part in dramatic presentations. I could say I find it hard enough being me, without trying to pretend to be somebody or something I am not.

When the school I attended put on a production of Smetana’s opera, The Bartered Bride, I certainly was not amongst the cast although I did have a minor part in the production of another opera (I can’t remember what it was called) the following year. The Bartered Bride was put on in the academic year of 1961 to 62.

My sister was in it. From memory she was one of the more important minor characters if that isn’t a contradiction in terms and she was an understudy for one of the stars – ready to fill the gap if a leading actress fell ill.

However, it is my sister who seems to have the central female position in a press photo taken of the cast.


That’s big sister in the dark outfit behind the chap at the table.


Sister, sadly, died last year and a fair bit of her memorabilia has come my way now.

As for me, I saved just about nothing from my time at that school. Regular readers may know that I had the highest regard for my geography teacher, Mr Cole, but by and large I never thought that school served me very well – and I certainly didn’t serve it well. I was so pleased, at age 16, to be able to transfer to another school in town to do A levels.

I’m much older now, of course, and maybe a tad wiser. I am pleased that my sister kept a few items from her time at secondary school. It makes up, a bit, for the fact that I didn’t.


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2 Responses to “The Bartered Bride”

  1. messagefromthepast Says:

    Nice that you still have it, I am sorry that your sister passed away, must be hard x

    • locksands Says:

      Life moves on for us all and the only real inevitability of life is that it will end. I do like to hang on to photos and other things that provide props for memory.

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