The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway

I’m afraid to say it is over 40 years since I last visited this railway. I bet it has changed a lot in that time. This was a train in 1972 when I was there.


There’s not much Welsh or even British about it. The loco had come from Austria. The carriages had as well and at that time still told us they ran on the Zillertalbahn.

The line was built in 1903 as a light railway to serve the local fairly rural area. The gauge – distance between the rails – was 2 feet 6 inches, slightly more than half the standard UK gauge.

Two locos which the line still has kept the line going until it closed in 1956. Passenger services had ceased in 1931. The line was never commercially profitable.

By 1956 other narrow gauge railways in Wales had passed to preservation societies and this one joined them reopening, bit by bit from 1963. It has now run for just about as long as a heritage railway as it did as a ‘real’ railway.



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One Response to “The Welshpool and Llanfair Railway”

  1. Dipyaman Roy Says:

    I have never been on a narrow guage railway in my life but my parents say that they used to be amazing but times do bring changes. Wish those things back then were still there. If you have time please listen to this:

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