Another work of art from sister’s house.

This picture appeared in 2006 on my late sister’s blog. Back then, as was her wont, she had bought an image she liked, possibly with the hope that it might be a money spinner for she ‘dabbled’ in antiques and collectables.

But the liking of the painting certainly mattered and to both my sister and I this picture looked like Mount Caburn near Lewes in Sussex. We spent our childhood camping holidays looking out over this lovely South Downs hill. We both thought we could pick a spot, near Furlongs Farm, from where it had been painted.


Furlongs, of course, had become an artistic haven when this picture was produced. It is signed Betty G Gill 1934.

When my sister saw the signature I know she got excited. Eric Gill who had a home fairly nearby almost certainly visited Furlongs when his friend Eric Ravilious was in residence. And he had a daughter called Betty Gill. My sister put two and two together and sadly came up with the wrong answer. She was put straight by a direct descendant of Eric Gill and also of Betty. It seemed Betty G Gill was somebody else altogether.

Maybe since 2006 other pictures by Betty G Gill have appeared on internet auction sites. They don’t make a fortune, but cash value has never bothered me. I like the picture here and that is enough. I wouldn’t like it more if it had some high value.

BUT I am irritated by not knowing anything about Betty G Gill.  Beyond one auction site saying she exhibited between 1924 and 1948. I don’t know where she came from and the few pictures I see on line do suggest she travelled around – certainly from the Isle of Wight to Scotland.

I’d be really pleased if someone out there could tell me more about the artist and even, perhaps, a definitive location for this picture.


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