Millers Dale

Travel in 1905 and 2008

We’ll start with one of those railway carriage prints and it depicts, as the name implies, travel back in 1905.

What we see here is a Midland compound loco on a Manchester express near Millers Dale in Derbyshire. The loco was said to be new back then. It still exists for it became a part of the nationally preserved collection of locos.

The print does not date from 1905. It was issued in 1951 by the London Midland region of British Railways. The original art work was by Hamilton Ellis and was part of a series of ‘travel in’ prints used.

I reckon this particular copy has suffered fading. The loco and carriages ought to be in a crimson colour. If you search for this item on the web you’ll see what it would have looked like when new. But I rather like the more subdued colours here.

Sadly, the old Midland Railway route to Manchester was closed in 1968. Parts of it have been restored as heritage lines and much of the area in Derbyshire is now a footpath – the Monsal Trail.

Back in 2008 we walked some of this including a stretch at Millers Dale.


That scene, taken from the track, could be very close to where Hamilton Ellis set his scene.

This is Millers Dale station with a platform edge, the remains of buildings some being used by builders, but no tracks and no trains.


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