The Seaton Tramway

Once upon a time a proper branch line railway linked the Devon seaside town of Seaton with the mainline between Exeter and Salisbury at the aptly named Seaton Junction Station. The whole line fell a victim to Doctor Beeching’s plan in 1966 (But blame politicians. Dr Beeching just did the job he was asked to do).

Part of the line reopened as a narrow gauge electric tramway in 1970. It now runs from Seaton to Colyton a length of about 3 miles.

Back in 2009 I was able to redeem a lovely birthday present when my wife and I stayed near Seaton and spent a day enjoying the trams.


Here’s tram 11 at the Seaton terminus. I think this tram was just a couple of years old at the time.

Much of the journey is by the River Exe


After a walk at Colyford we continued to Colyton, finding seats upstairs on tram number 9



On our return we passed tram 12. That’s a 1966 tram and now has the general shape, at 50% scale, of a 1930s Feltham tram.


The trams advertise themselves as mobile bird hides.

Back at Seaton we encountered tram 2 – a 1964 model.


We rode this tram back to Colyton and got a front seat – magic.


At Colyton we enjoyed a tramway cream tea – well, it was a treat day.


Riding the tram is a grand way to see the local scenery. And of course it is a real experience as well.




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