Plastic embedding

In case we think otherwise, we are all affected by fashion – and I’m not particularly referring to clothes, but rather to crazes.

People of my age will remember a time when you could hardly step into a house without hearing the noise of a pebble tumbler polishing up stones found on the beach. At other times everybody was hanging flower pots in macramé holders. One craze was plastic embedding. I can’t remember when the craze was at its height but like all these pastimes from past times, they do carry on.

I certainly never got involved in plastic embedding, but from somewhere a piece of plastic embedded art came into my collection. Somebody has taken a watch and embedded the parts in a neat rectangular block.

image002 It’s quite fascinating, and having not ever done it I am left marvelling at the fact that different bits of watch can ‘float’ throughout the plastic.

As can be seen, the plastic is very clear and you can view this work from all angles.



I like it, but I certainly wouldn’t do it. I can guess that noxious fumes are given off when the plastic sets. Probably best avoided!


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