I can often enjoy the lesser known places more than those that attract tourists in hordes. If I consider two Cumbria towns which are about 9 miles apart in a straight line, I have a personal preference for the lesser known (and smaller) of the two. Kendal is well known as the gateway to the lakes (and also for mint cake). It’s a thriving, bustling place and has plenty of attractive sites and buildings. But I much prefer the quieter, smaller Sedbergh.

image002 For the most part the streets are ordinary enough but actually, the shops are interesting and not those you find in every big town.

Where else, for example, could you buy these?


No, I don’t know what they are either, but I didthink they looked delightful.

As in many Cumbrian towns and villages, you move just off the main road to find building beauty.


Buildings like these just seem to harmonise with the landscape.

Sedbergh has plenty of surrounding landscape!


I do like it when shopkeepers make an effort – like this one on Finkle Street.


Some fine sheep peer out of the upstairs windows.

Yes, Sedbergh is a lovely little town – and it has the essentials. You can buy things you need there as well as plenty of less essential items.




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