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Towards the end of November, the First World War Commemoration group in our village put on a concert. My wife was heavily involved as she sings in the choir and plays in the band but I had a part too. I’m seen as the village historian and was asked to do a talk about our village in 1915. I don’t just talk. I need my photos as my prompt so I always have a reasonably classy PowerPoint presentation. Let me say that by classy, I do not mean whizzy. You’ll get no pictures whizzing around the screen in my presentations. Text won’t appear one letter at a time as if by a teleprinter. There’ll be no unneeded noises to distract. I’ll use pictures, movies and sounds. I’ll overlay enlargements of an image on the whole image. I’ll add captions and arrows. My audience gets a mix of items and they seem to enjoy them. I’m asked to do quite a lot of talks.

But this time, as I had the slot immediately after the interval, I wanted some music – about a minute’s worth – to get the audience in the mood. No! Glen Miller or Joe Loss playing ‘In the Mood’; would not have done as this was a World War One event. I reckoned my ‘project’ gramophone’ could play a part and I did a search through my record collection for one I could get away with.

The gramophone dates from before 1907 so that could have been used in 1915. I think the record I chose actually dates from 1916 – but what’s a year between friends.

Anyway – here is the record.


And click here to hear the band of His Majesties Irish Guards playing one of many Wiltshire Regiment Marches. When played at the concert this gramophone probably got as much applause as anything from the 100 plus members of the audience.


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