A favourite record

Regular readers will know of my taste for 1920s and 30s dance band music, along with jazz. I have a large collection of records on 78rpm shellac discs. OK, the sound quality is not perfect, even on one in good order, but I say it sounds authentic. My favourite records – I couldn’t pick just one, would be from the mid 1920s and would be a jazzy sounding dance band record. Maybe something played by the Savoy Havana Band would come near the top of the list.

This record isn’t strictly an absolute favourite, although I enjoy it. Rather it is a Favorite.

Here it is.


You can see Favorite is the record label.

I find it a fascinating record, of its era. And I believe its era is handily given on the label as 16.12.10 or 16th December 1910. That’s 105 years ago today.

Back in that era electricity was not used in the recording of music. Sound from instruments travelled through the air to a horn which concentrated the sound on a needle which cut a groove in a disc. Some instruments really had a sound which was a bit thin for this process and didn’t record well – notably the violin. Brass instruments were much better. Their sound blasted out of a horn and could be gathered up by the recording horn. But another instrument which seemed to record well was the xylophone and here we have a xylophone leading a brass dominated orchestra in a rendition of a tune called Pinkie’s Revels. Mr R White is on the xylophone.

The recording was made in London but the records were pressed in Linden. That’s in Germany.

You can hear the record by clicking here.


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