Hallan is near the west coast of the Outer Hebridean island of South Uist. Hallan on Sea was just my name for a stretch of silver sand near Hallan. I wrote this back in 2010 after we visited.




I could have called it the place where the sun shone but the sky was black. Much of the East Coast of South Uist looked like this – silver sands with some seaweed and the machair behind.


And there was the wild Atlantic – still calm as a millpond.


It looked as though heavy rain was falling towards the Island of Barra.



Swirls seem to be the in logo of the 21st century. Here’s one, ready-made for South Uist.

Or should we add a squidge to the swirl with a jellyfish?


We were not alone on the beach. I guess this chap, quadding gently along, was a local.



image024 We returned taking a different route finding plenty of flowers.



But it wasn’t only flowers. Scrap-metal merchants don’t exist around here so scrap gets dumped.


There’s not a lot of life left in that vehicle.


That one doesn’t look so bad though. Just as well. It was our car at the time.


We were in a remote spot – there had to be a graveyard.


More junk! That old grass cutter won’t do any more work. When a local farmer needs to cut his mixed cereals he’ll need something else to do the job.




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