More Sleeves

I like my old records and I can also be fond of the sleeves they are in. That’s odd, in a way, for I tend to dislike advertising these days for its ability to persuade people they must have things they don’t need, can’t afford and may not have space for. But old adverts – well, that was a bit different. They tended to be more factual in style, although they would, of course, have been hoping to persuade people to part with hard earned cash.

Here is one of them.


Well they tell us it is a record that appeals to everybody. That, I rather doubt. I do not know if I own the record, but I have grave doubts as to whether it would be a favourite of mine. I think the recording might date to 1927 so presumably the sleeve is much the same age.

The other side has more advertisers’ language to be wary of.


Now I’m happy to accept the greatest artists and the finest recording of that time. But perfect reproduction? On 78rpm records? I don’t really think you could get away with such economy with the truth these days.

I have another sleeve to show as well today.


This one, to my way of thinking, only gives facts. It is an Imperial record which you could purchase for 1/3 (about 6p in present money). Jack Payne and his Band were the performers and the recordings are new and exclusive to Imperial. We have a large Jack overseeing his band.

On the other side there is a manufacturer’s name.


Imperial Records were made by the Crystalate Gramophone Company who had headquarters in London, but a manufacturing factory in Tonbridge in Kent. I have plenty of relatives who worked at ‘The Crystalate as they called it. I don’t imagine the sleeves were produced there but I know they made the records. So I always imagine an Imperial record may have been through the hands of a member of my family.


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