Caerphilly Castle

Sorry folks. This is railway based. Caerphilly Castle is a castle in Wales, but it was the name given to the first member of one of the great locomotive classes. Like the vast majority of us old steam buffs, I suffer enormously from bias. To my mind the locos of the former Southern Railway were the best possible. But one has to temper bias with reason and the Castle class locos of the Great Western Railway were superb engines. One of the class knocked spots off Flying Scotsman in competitive trials. It was nominally a smaller and less powerful engine but it was able to haul loads more quickly and use less coal and water in the process.

I was recently given an engineering drawing for Caerphilly Castle.

image002This is a modern repro, of course, on canvas and framed. It still has corner protectors on the frame as I still have to decide where to hang it.

One thing troubles me about it. This particular loco just isn’t going to work for it has oval wheels. If it managed to get started it would, one imagines, shake to bits. Surely Charles Collett, the designer didn’t have drawings made up with oval wheels?

I rather suspect that the modern producers have stretched the engine a bit. Digitally, I should be able to put it right.


That’s more like – and the smokebox door looks round as well.

Despite oval wheels it is still a lovely gift. Thanks.




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