A railway book

I bought this little volume from a charity stall at a little market in Sedburgh in Cumberland. It really took me back to my train spotting days.


Well no wonder it took me back, for the book was published in 1960. This was a time when it was not considered bad to like trains and authors and photographers could cash in on a very widespread hobby with a fairly basic idea. H C Casserley was a well-known locomotive photographer and this book is largerly a vehicle for his photos together with some self-written text and technical details of the locos chosen. The book was sold, when new, for 8/6 which is 42½p in present money.

Some 200 different types of loco are described – each with a photo.

I’m picking on just one of them.


If anyone looks at this and says, ‘Aha! This is one of those Terriers the blog author likes so much’, then I say, ‘well done, but not right’. This is Stroudley’s D class tank and very clearly comes from the same stable as my much loved Terriers.  These locos didn’t survive into my train spotting days for on the next page of the book it tells us that no 2252 was withdrawn in September 1950 at which time I was less than two years old. If ever I saw one of these locos then I certainly have no memory of it. Actually, another loco of the class survived in service on an asylum railway in Lancashire until 1957. But in those days Lancashire was as foreign to me as Vladivostok.

There are nice memories for me in this book although inevitably, Mr Casserley’s choice of locos doesn’t match mine.


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