Naomi’s Album

For Christmas, I thought I’d return to my Great Aunt Naomi and her note book / album in which people wrote things – usually of a religious nature. Back in that Edwardian era my relatives were devoutly Christian, on the whole in non-conformist communities, so it is to be expected that comment for Naomi would have a biblical theme.

Naomi was destined to meet her maker earlier than anyone would have wished for she died of TB in 1911 aged 31.

I believe this page was written by Naomi herself.


Well certainly it has Naomi’s initials – N F.

I can’t quite make out all of the words but this seems to be based on a poem by Francis Quarles (1592-1644). It is called ‘My beloved is mine, and I am his; He feedeth among the lilies’, A part of this goes:

He is my Altar; I, his Holy Place;

I am his guest; and he, my living food;

I’m his by penitence; he mine by grace;

I’m his by purchase; he is mine, by blood;

He’s my supporting elm; and I his vine;

Thus I my best beloved’s am; thus he is mine.

Well, here’s hoping any readers today have a better Christmas than Naomi did as she suffered from TB.




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