Ten years ago

Since digital photography came in (for me that was 1998) I have found it so easy to look up what happened on specific days in the past. When writing for the 27th December 2015, I looked back ten years and came up with this photo taken on 27th December 2005.


Signs of Christmas are evident in this shot taken in our sitting room, mostly because of that little pile of books under the settee.

The group of people, who include my daughter and wife, are playing a game called Perudo. This is an international match. Two of the girls on the settee are Brazilian. One of them is now married to the chap with his back to the camera who was a school friend of my son. Do you know, I can’t place the chap on the right but that’s not so unusual at Christmas. I am delighted to say my son still feels able to treat our home as his own and when he stays we can expect friends of his – or friends of friends to turn up. That is always one of the pleasures of the Christmas period.

I am shocked to discover this was ten years ago. It feels like only yesterday to me yet for others, many changes have taken place since then. My daughter is married and her eldest child is now 5. My son, missing in that photo is also married with a two year old. Visitor Steve and his Brazilian wife are married with a couple of children. Visitor Pete who I know was there that day is also married now with two children. My wife and I have both joined the ranks of the retired but seem to remain busy on all sorts of things.

But even so, that day, ten years ago does seem very recent.


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