A highlight of 2015

Back in August we attended a wedding. It was absolutely lovely. The bride and groom were friends who lived in our village. These were friends who are about the age of our children. They chose the church as their wedding venue which couldn’t have been more convenient as their house is just outside the churchyard. The service was lovely and fitted the lifestyle of the couple. There was folk singing and the floral decorations had all been picked at a wild flower nursery. They were just great.

I was able to do a bit of bell ringing at the end before joining in the outside goings on as photos were taken. I could leave the ringing to my friends and colleagues.

image002 I’m avoiding images of the wedding people. They may not want them on a blog. But here are some of the flowers in the church.



The reception was at our wonderful Community Hall. In August weather we were able to enjoy some outside games – boules, quoits etc. as the first meal was prepared. This was a cream tea and, again, avoiding people entirely, here is what was set out in the hall.


Nothing was new. The couple and their friends and relations had been purchasing cheap pretty cups and saucers from charity shops. I believe the bride might have made the cake stands from some of these purchases.

Floral decorations – from the wild flower nursery were enhanced with cut out butterfly shapes.


Again, charity shop maps were used for them. It really was delightful.

In the evening there was a ceilidh band to dance to and a buffet. I have always enjoyed that kind of dancing and that kind of music. If you didn’t dance it wasn’t so loud that chatting was impossible. In fact, like the rest of the day it was lovely.

It felt like a real community event.


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