Brill Mill

Brill Mill

Windmills are lovely.

Brill Mill is particularly lovely. It is one of the oldest windmills in England and seems to have survived really well. It is set on a delightful hill in Buckinghamshire to the northwest of Aylesbury.

It must have been in the early 1980s when we took a look at the outside of the mill – and here it is.

image002There we see the mill, with four plain sales. These are the simplest kind and they need to be covered in canvas to enable them to catch the wind and drive the milling mechanism. The mill may look as though it sits on the brick built roundhouse but in fact it is perched just above it. It sits on the massive post that gives this kind of mill the name of post mill.

All of the wooden structure is able to rotate so that the sails face the wind. In more recent mills this process was automated with a fantail but at Brill, once again, there is the simplest system. Another hefty post out of the back of the mill can be pushed by the miller. It’s as simple as that although no doubt it is quite hard work.

My photo print is quite small and when I enlarged it I was surprised to see my son on the hillside leading up to the mill.


Yep. That’s him. These days he and his wife and our granddaughter live in Buckinghamshire about twenty miles from the mill. Maybe we should visit it sometime – on a Sunday afternoon between Easter and the end of October so we can actually go in the mill.


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