Belgian spoons

I enjoy a read of the magazine, Private Eye, and one of the fairly regular items in it is a column headed ‘me and my spoons’. There then follows a spoof interview with a celeb of some kind about their life and spoons – as though spoons were the most important thing in life. Well here we have me and a couple of my spoons. They are not important in my life except as a memory.

In 1992 we took our children and camped in Belgium. The location was chosen so that we could give them experiences of different countries and we visited France, Holland, Germany and Luxemburg as well as Belgium. But it was in Belgium that we found what we call a car boot sale and they, in French speaking Belgium call a brocante.  It was at Spontin which is better known for a castle. But we were heading elsewhere and stopped to look at the sale.

image002The big no entry sign clearly says sauf brocanteurs which translates as ‘except junk dealers’.

We came home from that holiday with a pair of spoons which I am fairly sure came from this sale.

Here they are.


Now we never assumed these were anything but moderately mass produced tourist items. The scene depicted in the spoon bowl is identical in both cases and suggests a press made with that room scene ready to emboss into spoons. But these spoons still serve as a holiday memory.

The tops are different. One depicts a couple of people.


The other has a couple of birds – perhaps stylised storks?


I can’t tell you any more about these spoons. Maybe somebody out there can tell me more?



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