To my dear wife

Well of course, I could send this to my dear wife as we approach 45 years of married bliss, but in fact I think this was sent to a wife from a fairly newlywed husband. It is a postcard of a type popular during World War One.


A piece of thin material has been embroidered with the message and scene and formed into a kind of envelope. Inside the envelope there is a small fan.


No message is written, but I am fairly sure this was a message from my grandfather to my grandmother. They married in 1916 – 100 years ago this year. Grandad, as a young man, was compelled to be in the forces and thus overseas. To use modern parlance, my grandparents had been ‘an item’ for years, since mid teenage days. I’m sure the separation really hurt them.

But why no message? Well clearly this could not be sent as a postcard for the fan would have been lost so if sent at all it would have gone in an envelope. Maybe grandad sent it with a letter. Or maybe grandad brought it home with him. But as this is one of several similar styled cards that Granny kept, I suspect they were sent and treasured.

They are still treasured.


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