Family History at Ringmer

Ringmer is a village in Sussex, not far from Lewes. It is one of those places where you can walk the streets and you are always looking at family history. Yet in many ways, it isn’t a main hub. Let’s take a look at some of the Ringmer family locations.

Great Grandfather was something of a woodman. He spent his life in and around the area, but moved frequently to be in a location close by the current job. We know that his eldest daughter was born at this cottage – Acorn Cottage in 1880 and the family were there still for the 1881 census.


After that the many homes the family had were in different parishes and it wasn’t really until retirement beckoned that old George and his wife Sarah Ann returned to Ringmer. The 1911 census shows them living at the less than delightfully named Pest House Cottage.


Later, my dad remembered them at brickyard Cottage. These cottages were entirely rebuilt in 1977 and are called Jubilee Cottages.


George’s brother, Harry, was a Ringmer blacksmith. I do not actually know where he worked but there is an old smithy in Ringmer – well it could have been there.


George and Sarah’s daughter, Sue married at Ringmer church so that’s worthy of seeing.


Another of George’s brothers, William, is buried in the churchyard along with his wife.

But returning to Sue – she cooked school dinners at Ringmer School so the school is of interest to me but I have no photo. I’d always assumed that she and her husband (Percy Ford) lived in Ringmer but recently the UK National Identity Card information was partially put on line. This gives dwelling locations in 1939 and it seems they lived in Chailey.

Finally, there is the war memorial on the green.


George and Sarah’s son called Harry was killed in World War One and he is commemorated on this memorial.


No wonder Ringmer means quite a lot to me!


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