Real Snow

When I first moved to Wiltshire back in 1970, snow fences were put up alongside some roads so that they were a bit protected from drifting snow. Even so, a blocked road, due to snowfall, was a common phenomenon. There are no snow fences these days. It is assumed that they are not needed.

The end of 2015 was phenomenally wet although Wiltshire got away lightly. And now we wonder will we get real snow, like we got in 1987.


This was my daughter, on the toboggan – a simple plastic affair – back then and what a glorious scene it was with, apparently, limitless snow and so much fun for youngsters to enjoy.

We can all accept that snow can be a dreadful nuisance, but many of us regret the passing of this old winter stalwart.  It was always possible to be reasonably prepared and if roads got blocked then we survived quite happily

On this occasion we didn’t need to. Our photo album dates this to February or March and says the snow really only lasted one day. If we get any this year let’s forget being adult and responsible. Let’s find a way to enjoy it. Wouldn’t it be lovely if my daughter’s children – the oldest still a bit younger than she was in 1987, could see and enjoy snow like this.


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