The end of the line

My title is a much used phrase, but in this photo it looks to be the total truth.


I seem to have the sun precisely behind me. That’s my shadow pointing at the end of a railway line, in the middle of nowhere.

This was on April 4th 2007 and it was in Normandy in France. We were staying in a bed and breakfast place at Miquetot not far from Fécamp and this railway was within a mile of our bed and breakfast spot. We were on our way to Le Havre with the intention of visiting the wonderful Malraux gallery there, but my eyes were drawn to an attractive little valley.


We went for a wander and came across this railway which actually, had been covered for a short distance only to make life easier for wheeled traffic needing to cross it. At the time I wrote that the line was heading for Fécamp.

As a person brought up in the south of England, I have a liking for the gentle rounded scenery of that area and, indeed, of the north of France. The presence of a closed railway line was something of an added bonus.

Fécamp, by the Way still has a train station and good service, but obviously not on this line.

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