Carn Brea

Carn Brea is a hill just outside Redruth in Cornwall. My wife’s grandparents were Redruth dwellers as children and both of them could see this hill from their childhood homes. These grandparents spent much of their adult life in Cheshire – just about the edge of Manchester. They named their house there Carn Brea in memory of their childhood.

Back in the spring of 2003 we were in the area in Cornwall around the real Carn Brea.

This was the view of Carn Brea from Granny’s home in Redruth.

image002The monument on top is the Bassett Memorial. I believe (but please put me right) that the building to the left of it was Carn Brea Castle and is now in use as a restaurant.

From closer to we preferred the more natural rock piles.


This Features my wife for a splash of red and for family connections.

There is, of course, a view back down over Redruth.

image006Granny’s house is more or less in the centre of that photo. Grandfather’s would be at the extreme left.



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