The Lawn Ranger

I like a good pun. Yes, I know, some say they are the lowest form of wit and people regard them as groan worthy. But I’m used to being in a minority so I don’t mind feeling differently from others. My dad and I used to have ad hoc punning matches. A theme would just arise and we try to outdo each other with excruciating puns. My wife and I still do it. I think my daughter’s in laws might like puns as well for they gave me this mug for Christmas and I just love the pun.


For those, and I bet there are some, who don’t get it, this is based on a popular TV cowboy show of 50 or more years ago called The Lone Ranger. And how appropriate, for lawn mowing is, by and large, a solitary activity.

So I’ll say a big thankyou to Gordon and Jan for this one. It really does amuse me.


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