Croughton Dovecote

Croughton is a village, just in Northamptonshire, close to the border with Oxfordshire and not far from Buckinghamshire.

We were there, the other day, visiting friends and we took a stroll on a wonderfully bright but chilly January day.

As we approached Manor Farm I was taken by a building which caught my eye. Our friends, Croughton residents, were able to confirm my guess that it was a dovecote.


This appears to be completely unsung. The web references I can find to it concern use of an image of the building on special edition wine bottles. I find one picture on the lovely Geograph web site which only labels it Manor Farm in Croughton.

However, A E Cooke in his on line book on British Dovecotes has a section at another Northamptonshire location known as Newton in the Willows. The designs of this one and the one at Croughton are certainly similar, albeit the Newton one is twice the size.

image003This is the Newton dovecote as seen at .

The Croughton one is on private land so we couldn’t see if the interior was lined with pigeon nesting boxes.

But I took a straight into the sun picture to see the other side of it.


As ever, I’d like to know more like when it was built. Also, where was Croughton Manor?

But even without information and even with that spoiling addition on the back, I reckon it is a lovely little building.



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