Ariel Music

Ariel Grand records were produced for a mail order company based in Yorkshire. The label appeared between 1910 and 1938. Here we have ‘Painting the Clouds with Sunshine’. It’s a well-known tune, but the band playing it here are rather anonymous. They are called The Ariel Dance Orchestra. There was no such actual orchestra for Ariel made use of other recordings and renamed the band. I’m afraid I can’t even guess the band here although I’m prepared to suggest it may have been recorded in about 1929.


There we have the label, complete with tax stamp. As ever the sleeve it happens to be in adds extra interest.


This sleeve was from a company in Dover, Kent with premises not so far away at Canterbury as well.

With the almost complete demise of High Street recorded music shops, youngsters might be surprised to realise that they used to exist in every town. Some of us recall, in the early 1960s going into town and into the listening booths in the record shop, requesting to hear the latest hits with little or no intention (or cash) to buy them.

These kentish shops were operating about 30 or more years before. I’d guess they had no booths and headphones.

We can hear this record by clicking this link – . It’s being played on my little Peter Pan portable from much the same era as the recording. The record isn’t in tip top condition but I can still enjoy it.


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