Sarah Clarke

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about the Independent Chapel at Heathfield and included this picture.


I commented on the fact that I had visited this chapel with my father who was convinced ancestors were buried there. We searched but found no family graves we could identify. I have visited in more recent times and with more family history knowledge, but again found only distant relatives.

But in fact my Great Great Great grandmother is buried there as shown in my selection of burial records. These were the records that contained the name Clark or Clarke.

CLARK – The Independent Chapel, Heathfield – BURIALS

Sally CLARK         Heathfield – Aged 4 Months. Died: ????? Buried: Apr. 23rd, 1857.
Walter CLARK    Heathfield – Aged 2 Years. Died: ????? Buried: Oct. 4th, 1858.
Vehement? CLARK Heathfield – Aged 16 Months. Died: ????? Buried: Mar. 26th, 1859.
Emma CLARK     Heathfield – Aged 57 Years. Died: ????? Buried: Apr. 22nd, 1859.
William CLARK   Heathfield – Aged 14 Years. Died: ????? Buried: Apr. 8th, 1865.
Sarah CLARKE    Heathfield – Aged 83 Years. Died: ????? Buried: Feb. 5th, 1870.
Harriett CLARK  Heathfield – Aged 13 Years. Died: ????? Buried: Aug. 5th, 1873.
Martha CLARK   Heathfield – Aged 17 Years. Died: Aug. 27th, 1880 Buried: Aug. 31st, 1880.
Eliza CLARK         Maynards Green – Aged 60 Years. Died: Apr. 9th, 1882 Buried: Apr. 13th, 1882.
Eliza CLARKE       Heathfield – Aged 62 Years. Died: Aug. 27th, 1884 Buried: Sep. 2nd, 1884.
Selina CLARKE    Heathfield – Aged 31 Years. Died: Oct. 17th, 1887. Buried: Oct. 22nd, 1887.
Albert Frost CLARKE Heathfield – Aged 5 Months. Died: ????? Buried: Mar. 19th, 1888.
Tamar Ann Robins (Nee CLARKE) Warbleton – Aged 40 Yrs. Died: ????? Buried: Mar. 26th, 1888.

I have highlighted my direct ancestor in red but most probably I am related to others there as well – definitely to Tamar Ann Robins.

But let’s just concentrate on the actual ancestor.

Sarah was born Sarah Palmer in 1887 in the parish of Wadhurst – about 160 years before I was born in the same parish. She married James Clarke at Wadhurst in 1807. I know of seven children born between then and 1831.

James died before the 1841 census but Sarah could be found living in a remote part of the parish of Burwash. In 1851 and 61 Sarah lived with a son at Neville’s Farm in Heathfield.

So Dad was right and there is an ancestor buried in the little graveyard around this lovely little chapel.




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    What a picturesque view!

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