The Tuba

Families can be a bit complex. The slight complication in mine came from my mum dying when I was an upper teenager and my dad then marrying a much younger woman who bore him my half brother and sister – younger than some of their half nephews and much the same kind of age as others who, in theory, are a generation younger.

Stepmother was keen that her offspring should learn musical instruments and so it was that in their teenage years half-brother played a trombone and half-sister a trumpet. My dad decided he would take up the tuba to be able to play with them.

I now have this rather odd sized tuba.


I’m not sure of the purpose of the blue fabric bag over it. It is only a slip on item so removes easily.


I know nothing about this tuba as far as age is concerned. I have hunted round all that pipe work and have failed to come up with any maker’s name.

It plays OK and I can get quite a range of notes out of it. But I am no musician and will spare the world the torment of hearing me in action playing it.

Although this was my dad’s instrument, I hardly regard it as a family piece for he never owned it when I lived at home. To me this is a recent purchase – probably about thirty five years ago.


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