A rather silly ‘invention’

Time was when we used to write letters to one another. The postperson (sorry if that sounds like an attempt to be PC, but my post is usually delivered by a postlady) was someone to be welcomed, bringing news from family and friends along with the occasional less welcome missive.

Some people had a sort of blunt knife which was called a letter opener. It could slot into the envelope and slice it open at the top. I don’t think such devices would ever have been regarded as essential but they were quite handy, particularly for folks with a lot of letters to open.

During the second half of the 1990s emails were definitely taking over. Somebody decided that what we needed was an email letter opener.


I have one of these devices and it, of course, was no more than a paper envelope opener. Its shape had an email link.

image004It is, as can be seen, an ‘@’ sign and the end of it is designed to open an envelope.

Can I make it clear that I did not buy such a thing. They were given away at a computer show I attended 20 or so years ago. It amuses me that anybody should have ever made such a thing – a bit of snail mail technology shaped for the IT age.

They can, of course, still be bought!

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