Harriet Selden

Sometimes, when you seek old family photos you end up with rather remote relatives or relatives by marriage only. This is one of them.

Harriet Selden married my cousin five times removed – George Mallion. In my early days doing family history I rather concentrated on Mallions, largely because nobody else had. I so enjoyed sharing data and ideas with distant cousin Mark in New Orleans. It was such fun to keep discovering more.

But I have never managed to find any photos of my closest Mallion relative, Caroline, who was my Great Great Grandmother and she lived from 1850 to 1926 marrying Fred Kesby. If anybody has a photo I really would love to see it.

Caroline’s father, John Mallion would have been the cousin of George so he almost certainly knew him and his wife Harriet for they all lived in an area close to Sandhurst in Kent, very close to the Sussex border.

And here is the photo I have of Harriet Selden, a Mallion by marriage.


Harriet was born in 1833 in Bodiam, Sussex. Her father, almost inevitably was a farm labourer and the whole family can be found on the 1841 census living at ‘New House’ in Bodiam. They were still there in 1851.

Towards the end of 1854 Harriet married George in the Cranbrook district. In 1861 the couple and four children were living at Fontridge Cottages in Burwash, Sussex. The oldest two children had been born at Sandhurst Kent.

In 1871 the couple, now with 8 children were living at Old Forge Cottages in Ticehurst. This was a fairly recent move as their youngest, one year old, had been born at Burwash.

Two further children were born in the 1870s, one at Ticehurst and the youngest at Goudhurst in Kent. A granddaughter, the same age as the youngest son completed the household at Hurst Green in the parish of Etchingham.

In 1891 the widow, Harriet was in Etchingham with an adult single son and the youngest child.

I haven’t located the end of Harriet’s life.

She looks quite a formidable lady in the photo. I suppose back in that Victorian era, with ten children, you had to be.

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