Family history for the future

I am a lucky chap I am, and have lots of old family communications. They quite often appear on these pages. But these days, so much communication is transient and less than ephemeral. Texts and E-mails have no physical existence. The chances are that most of the communicating that goes on will never survive as future family history records.

Maybe my daughter is aware of this for she does make her son – now approaching six years old – write thankyou cards and here is the post-Christmas message we received.


Now that is charming and deserves to be kept for posterity. Charlie hasn’t dated this so we’ll put a date on the back of the card so that people in the future can know just how old Charlie was. His little sister, Eve is well under two so she can’t write a thankyou letter yet.

I say well done to Charlie for writing such a grand little letter and also to daughter who ensures it is done.


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