Snowdrop time

My home county of Wiltshire is a place where the snowdrops grow like weeds. Perhaps they are weeds, for they were never planted. They just arrived. But what beautiful weeds they are.

These photos were taken in my garden, but great swathes of snowdrops grow on road verges. At this time of year there are just masses and masses of the little beauties to be seen.


These just grow in a lawn which does make lawn care a tad harder since I’d hate to not let leaves feed the plants after flowering is over. So the lawn, which also has primroses and maybe cowslips in it, just grows up until later in spring


These are actually in a path border, but they spring up through the gravel path as well. But I always think you need to get close to a snowdrop to pick out its real charm.


It’s that tinge of green that gives the flower its added extra. Just gorgeous.


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