Robin in Plashett Park

Back in 1956 my dad went off cycling with my brother. They started at camp which was near Firle and cycled off to Isfield and area. Dad was searching for places that had meant something to his mother, my gran.

I remember feeling a tad put out that I was not included in this jaunt but I expect dad was right. I was 18 months younger than my brother and never a muscular sort of lad like he was. I dare say I’d have got tired, cross and would have been whinging.

Dad took a number of photos and this one really shows Robin, my brother, But it is in ‘Plashetts’ the wood where great grandfather spent much of his working life and near a cottage where Granny was actually born. This was in the parish of Little Horsted.

I have a contact print dad made from his square negatives, using 120 roll film.


A handy box has been found for Robin to sit on and eat a snack. There’s a tree and a bit of barbed wire to rest a back on! The size of my original photo is two and a half inches square. Good old Dad! He’s written on the back.

image004So we have a place and a rough date. Actually, he should have named the person. Robin, my brother, died back in 1980. I’m really the only person left now, who knew him well in 1956.

I showed the picture my dad took of Granny’s birth cottage just over a year ago. You can click here to see it.



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