I don’t really get the hang of this

Today’s post is about a coat hanger. It may seem an odd little thing to write about but in my quest for knowledge I’m hoping somebody might tell me more about it. Here it is


This measures about 15 inches (38cm) across the widest part but I need another view to make all of it clearer.

image004This is a very sturdily made item – much thicker gauge than your standard twisted wire coat hanger and the twists look to be brazed so that they are an absolute fixture. There’d be no taking this one apart to make a temporary car Radio aerial as one sometimes used to see.

What I’d like to know is:

  • Who made it?
  • Roughly when was it made?
  • What are you supposed to hang on the extra places?

I’m not altogether particularly interested in clothing. I like to wear what I find comfortable but just above what my wife might describe as ‘looking shambolic’. But a weird coat hanger fascinates me, albeit I can’t remember how it came to be in my wardrobe.

Can anyone offer any ideas about this odd bit of twisted metal?



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