All that jazz

I am a jazz enthusiast. I may reckon that Duke Ellington was ‘the greatest’ but today I’m remembering the UK jazz revival of the 1950s. I suspect Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball were the most commercially successful of these bands but from that era of UK bands I always reckoned good old Humph (Humphrey Littleton) was fantastic but best of all was the Chris Barber band which, amongst others featured a chap called Lonnie Donegan on banjo and the fantastic Monty Sunshine on clarinet.

Here’s a lesser known Barber record – on a 78 rpm disc.


For once I have a record in a correct sleeve.


This record is called Bye and Bye – actually regarded as the B side.

It’s a Louis Armstrong composition and was published in 1957.


This is a late recording to be on 78 (the very last in the UK was in 1960) but the record is no longer a shellac one. It is a vinyl style and is designed for light weight electric gramophone heads so I’m playing it on my suitably period battery portable Philips machine. Click here to listen.


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