Eric Ravilious – March

Actually, before I start on Ravilious, a quick thought on the date – 4th March. It’s a date which crops up a bit in fairly recent (since 1940) family history. It was the date on which my parents married. Three years later their second child (my brother) was born on this day and 22 years after him, their second grandchild (my nephew) was born on this day. So it is a day to induce family memories.


Another month – another woodcut by Eric Ravilious!


I love the stark contrast of these black and white images. This one was created to illustrate an edition of Gilbert White’s book, The Natural History of Selborne.

The book was first published in 1789 and I believe I’m right in saying it has been in print ever since. Of course, Eric Ravilious was not on the scene then. He’s a man of the first half of the 20th century and this woodcut was created in 1938. I recall, as a child, climbing the zig-zag path at Selborne and whilst we certainly met no galloping horsemen this looks the part to me.

Another lovely bit of art!


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