Symonds Yat

Like my father before me, I have a habit of missing the big honeypot tourist places but sometimes opportunities arise and you get to them. We were at Symonds Yat in 2002 because our daughter was taking the opportunity to visit the Hay on Wye festival. She was (and still is when time permits) very much into books and at that time, just post degree, she felt a need to soak up the atmosphere. Others in the family thought a day in that area wouldn’t go amiss.

Anyway, we stopped at Symonds Yat.


It’s a fine viewpoint, high above the River Wye. The river takes such a convoluted course through the hills here that I find it impossible to work out (now) just where I was when I took the photo although clearly there is flatter land in the distance.

Close to, the river is closely confined.


This is one of several 180o turns (or more) that the river does in this area. The river water travels about 11 kilometres in one stretch and ends up little more than a kilometre from that starting point.

However, here we have Symonds Yat Rock


You can’t see them, but there are peregrine falcons nesting in that shot. The RSPB very kindly set up telescopes to let people see them and they are magnificent. That’s both the falcons and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Not to mention that area. A grand place and it wasn’t busy.

Hay on Wye, on the other hand, was utterly awash with bookish people.


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