Tour of Britain

In 1999 the Tour of Britain cycle race (because of sponsorship it was known as the Prutour) came through my home village on 25th May

I was recovering from minor illness and was off work and decided I would get out to see it. I had had a digital camera for less than a year and it took very small photos – but here goes.


Before the event arrived, a random cyclist passed by. The pub in the village still had its porch across the pavement but later that year it was knocked down by a lorry and a smaller replacement, in the same style, was erected much nearer flush with the building line.


An escort on a motorbike warned that the riders would soon arrive and soon they raced through.

These were the leaders. I have never followed much sport and I have no idea who the riders are.

image006A small crowd came out to cheer the cyclists on. The sport didn’t have the high profile then that it has now in the UK.

image008But I was there to see the event – a sporting event of national import in my home village.

Just to record it the overall winner of this race was Marc Wauters of Belgium.



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