Florence (or Cis) Ware

Florence ware was my Great Aunt. She is a good example of how little I know about this side of my family. I’m not sure I ever met Cis (she was always known as Cis) but I ought to have done. My one surviving aunt on that side of the family was brought up by Cis after her own mother (my Granny) died. My aunt still regards her biological cousins as her sisters and her biological brothers and sisters as cousins although, of course, she knows the truth.

I have a few photos of Cis but I’ll show this one which shows her in 1983 with her brother Ron – my great uncle.


Cis was born in 1895 and married Jesse Ollive in 1918. The couple had five children four of whom survived into adulthood. Florence died in 1984.

The little bit of personal information I have came from my uncle who wrote:

Jesse Olive worked for the Tonbridge Water Works Company until he lost his sight. He was then trained by St. Dunstans to make basket work. Cis for a short time had a sweet shop in Barden Road Tonbridge (after Jesse’s death in 1966) but for all her married life she was a housewife.

I really ought to know more.


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