Faringdon Folly

One of the creations of the eccentric Lord Berners of Farringdon was a folly on a local hilltop. The hilltop had already been planted with pine trees as explained on a board near the folly.


The noble lord – a later resident at Faringdon House, built his folly much more recently – the same signboard explains.

image0031935, the year in question, made this the last substantial folly built in this country.

It is an impressive structure.

image005There we see my wife at the explanation board, the Pye pines and Berners’ folly. It is open to climb on Sundays. It wasn’t a Sunday when we were there.

Apparently, the tower has a lamp these days to make it like a lighthouse.

We had a picnic with a distant view of the Didcot Power Station.

image007We got home later that day to hear that there had been a catastrophic collapse of a disused boiler house soon after we were looking at it.

There are views all round – Here we look towards Wantage and the downs.

image009And this is the town of Faringdon.

image011I rate Faringdon a good visit.


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