The Vanguard

If you look up dictionary definitions of vanguard the word you’ll find used to explain it is leader. It might be military and mean the group of soldiers leading a charge or it might be a leader in terms of technical innovation.

It was a regular name for warships, notably a battleship launched in 1944.

When the Standard car company were launching a new post war model they wanted to use the Vanguard name. It took time to persuade the Navy that this would be OK and in 1947 the Standard Vanguard was launched. Some data for the car can tell us how much motor cars have moved on for the original Vanguard took 21½ seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph and managed just 22.9 miles per gallon of petrol.

But Meccano Limited thought the car well worth adding to its Dinky toy range of models and guess what? I have one.

Mine is a battered old wreck so won’t be fetching an auction price of £150 which it might if it was in mint condition with original box. My view is that my old Vanguard is happily worthless as far as money goes but liked by me because it dates back to childhood.


This, clearly, was originally a fawn coloured model. I think this may have been the most common of the range made under the Dinky name.


The small rear window indicates that this was modelled on the phase 1 version of the car made between 1947 and 52. I believe the model dates from after 1950.


Here’s the base plate – a rather rusty affair but the embossed writing is still readable.




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