My Father in Law

I’m glad I knew Doug although sadly he didn’t live to be my father in law. He was a quiet, thoughtful and caring man who coped well with the trials of life until he died suddenly and unexpectedly – a real shock to one and all.

Doug was born on 23rd May 1923. His home was Cheadle Hulme in Cheshire which was then regarded as a village. Here we see one of the earliest photos of Doug – presumably the original is a studio photo. It has that look about it but we just have a copy which has come our way.


This, presumably, dates from about 1925 and what a lovely little lad he looks.

He spent all his childhood in Cheadle Hulme but when he could he joined the RAF. He had poor eyesight – corrected by glasses, but was not a flyer of planes. He was a radio operator and got posted to both the Faroe Islands and Egypt in his spell as a serviceman towards the end of and after WW2.

He married Joyce in 1945, before his posting to Egypt. When demobbed, the couple lived in various locations – Morecambe, Barnet and Worcester amongst them before finally arriving in Crawley. Doug worked as a government auditor.

Ever one for a quiet occupation, Doug did a little sketching whilst on holidays. This was at Borth in 1957.

image004And here we have the Gainsborough area in 1958.

image006Doug died in September 1968. Obviously that was far too young. He never knew his grandchildren and he could have imparted much wisdom to them.



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