Isle of Man Steam Railway

Gosh! It came as a surprise to me to find it was 23 years ago we went to the Isle of Man. It was 1993 so we took a couple of teenaged children there. And we spent time on railways!

The Isle of Man is just a great place for railways with, at that time, half a dozen (roughly) different networks using three different types of motive power. But here we’ll concentrate on the steam railway.

Once upon a time there was an extensive network heading from Douglas, the Island capital North, South and West. By 1993 only the line to the south was left and that had only just hung on by its finger tips. One imagines (or hopes) that these days the line is secure – mainly as a leisure trip for tourists like us.

Actually, it was handy for us that there was a good rail network for we suffered a car breakdown and the need to import a part from the UK. We really didn’t suffer – except financially, of course.

We got to Douglas from our camp site at Laxey and made our way to the quite grand railway station.


Inside it really was stepping into a time warp. The stock on the line is decidedly heritage.

image004At the head of our train was a smart little steamer.


The journey from Douglas takes us south close tothe east coast. It is delightful scenery, hilly, verging on mountainous with some glimpses of the sea.

At Ballasalla we passed the up train heading for Douglas. Then at Castletown we had reached the south coast and had a change of direction as we headed across to Port Erin on the west coast.

The total distance is just over 15 miles.

My final photo I have captioned as Port St Mary.

image008I hope that’s right. 1993 was before digital days. You had to finish a film and send it off for processing before you saw your images. By then you may have forgotten the actual location. And 23 years on I can look and say ‘Isle of Man’ without a doubt, but just where, I couldn’t assert.

But a lovely trip remembered.



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