Now what could Lydia be? In my world I suppose Lydia could be a great aunt or maybe the name of a steam loco. It could even be the title of a song on a 78rpm record – perhaps a Glen Miller one to rhyme with Perfidia. Yes, Lydia Perfidia sounds good to me – but none of these are the case. Lydia was a goose.

I kept geese for some 25 years and I love those birds. They are feisty, of course, but also very endearing. They really came into their own when I came home from a stressful day at work. I’d go and tell my geese about it and they would gather round and express their deep sympathy for my trials of life. OK! I know they weren’t really. They were actually saying, ‘where’s the food?’

Lydia was one of my last geese. Foxes had changed habit and would take a goose in the middle of the day. I was not prepared to cage my geese and eventually they all fell victim to old Reynard. But he’s another creature I can admire although they are a tad cowardly. My cat, half the size of a fox, can see them off.

Anyway, here is Lydia back in March 2002.


She has laid a clutch of eggs and is sitting on them. I’m seen as an intruder and she is doing her best to frighten me away. The mouth is open and you can be sure a loud hiss is emanating from it.

She has a long sit. Goose eggs take 35 days to incubate but of course they don’t sit continuously. From time to time she’ll get off, covering her eggs to hide them and keep them warm. She can feed and generally have a spruce up before settling down again. Each time she settles she’ll roll her eggs over so that the developing gosling doesn’t stick to the shell.

Ganders don’t share the sitting although they’ll stand guard and be very attentive partners and when hatching happens, fathers.

Of all the animals I have kept (cows, pigs, sheep, donkey, geese, ducks chicken, bees to name quite a few) it is geese I miss most. My geese live on in the memory and in photos.

Lovely Lydia!



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