A cider flagon

I have commented before, on this blog, about the fact that I barely touch alcoholic drinks. There’s no principle involved. It is simple preference and on the whole I feel better without them. I am most tempted to take a sip if the drink on offer is cider and particularly if it is not over sweetened.

Anyway, I am pleased to have a large stoneware jar for cider in my collection and here it is.


I really know very little about this but it is about 18 inches tall (not including the handle and close on 10 inches in diameter. There should be a tap in the spout at the bottom but I don’t have that.

Gaymer’s are (or were) a Somerset firm and the brand name still exists after more than 200 years. These days, of course, the liquid is sold in cans.

The stopper is a large screw in one. I don’t know if the one in this flagon is original.

image004That appears to be either a P or a d. Mind, the flagon is made by Doulton. Could it be their d?

Nice item, but I’ll emphasis as I often do that I do not collect such items. I have the one and that is enough.


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