(some of) The Hughes Family

There are family members I have met but only when I was a child and I really didn’t know them. Members of the Hughes family are certainly amongst those.

Here we see three of the family.

These are Will Hughes, his wife Eliza and, I think, their youngest daughter Grace who was born in 1922. The photo must be from about 1925.


Eliza (née Stevens) was my great aunt. She Was born in 1883 and would have spent her childhood in and around Isfield. In 1901 she was a servant in Uckfield. In 1903 she produced a son. I’m sure she knew who the father was but that knowledge has not passed on to me.

After the birth of the son, she got a job on the Firle estate. I believe my gran, some 9 years younger than Eliza did quite a lot of the child care.

In 1906 Eliza married Will Hughes. He was a carter on the estate farm. In the mid 1950s he received a long service award having worked, man and boy, on the farm for 50 years. Eliza and Will had a son and four daughters. The oldest daughter died in infancy. The older boy was brought up as one of the family but always retained the surname of Stevens. I knew him quite well in his later life. Occasionally I have shown cigarette cards on this blog and they were given to me by Eliza’s eldest child.

I have few memories of Will or Eliza. Eliza died when I was four. I’m not sure I have ever met Grace. She married in 1942 and between then and 1967 she produced 10 children. The first couple had their births registered in Lewes and after that the children were registered in Brighton. Some of these, with surname Marlow, must still be alive. The youngest of them hits 60 this year.

I love the photo. Will looks such a little man compared with his wife, but I suspect he was strong as an ox. His belt appears oddly placed but I suppose it was round his waist and his trousers went up higher.

All three of them look quite presentable but one imagines money was tight. Probably, by 1925 the two boys would both have been working. No doubt that helped the family a great deal.

Any contact from family members would be much appreciated.




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