Edward and Julia Clarke

I might have known my cousin twice removed, Edward Clarke for I was 12 when he died. But of course I didn’t. Julia, his wife, died before I was born.

Almost inevitably, with these more distant relatives, I was not aware of his existence until I took up genealogy around the start of the 21st century. I’m afraid the only photograph I have is of a grave with a very rare (in my family) headstone. It is at Waldron Church in East Sussex.


The name of Edward is almost lost in the greyness there so let’s stretch the contrast far too far and make it a bit more visible.

image004Edward was born in about 1870 in Eastbourne in Sussex. He was the base born son of my Great Great Aunt Mahala – sister of my great granny. Apart from producing Edward, Mahala worked her way through life as a domestic servant.

Edward was raised by his grandparents (my GG Grandparents) and treated as their young son. On the 1891 census he is listed as a farmer’s son. His grandad was indeed a farmer.

He married Julia Cornford in 1895. In 1901 Edward was a poultry hand on a farm at Waldron.

The 1911 census has been written very clearly by Edward. He is still a poultryman. The couple had been married for 15 years and had no children. It looks as though other relatives added Edward’s name to the headstone.

There is always a vague hope, when writing a blog post like this one, that somebody out there will pick it up and offer a photo of the people. Many members of my Clarke (or Clark) family remain a bit of a closed book to me.


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