Great Shefford

Great Shefford is a Berkshire village a little north of Hungerford. It sits in the gentle valley of the River Lambourn.

One of its treasures is the little church – one of only two in Berkshire with a round tower.

image002 Some people would say churches are just churches but of course they are all different and you don’t have to be a church goer to appreciate their style and, possibly, beauty.

I happen to like village churches which are not over the top ornate.  And this one fits the bill nicely. I won’t tell you much about it. You can click here to read the history of the church and find links to all sorts of Great Shefford information, I just find this very pretty.

But I pity the bell ringers for they have to climb a scarily steep and narrow and very open spiral staircase to reach the ringing floor.


Now that’s very elegant, but I’m glad I don’t have to climb it.

How about taking a rest in the churchyard and enjoying the wildlife – buzzards and red kites overhead, ducks, geese, and coots down by the river and a host of smaller birds.


I took the two pictures and have merged them – kite on the left and buzzard on the right. The kite must have just applied the brakes and the normal forked tail has spread, but even so the big difference in shape can be seen. Not sure about size though and whilst the two species were close, they never confronted one another like this.


And for rail enthusiasts we can always imagine a train chuffing along a former line, just across the river.


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