Gloucester Docks

Places quite far inland in this country were once docks for sea going ships. The Manchester Ship Canal once made inland Manchester one of the busiest freight ports in the country.

Gloucester was also well known for docks. The River Severn, of course, is big and wide but not easy to navigate and the docks in Gloucester came into their own when the ship sized canal opened from Sharpness.

Back in 1998 we took a look at Gloucester Docks and this pair of photos are amongst my first with a digital camera.


I love the old warehouse buildings but clearly the docks were no longer in much use for commercial freight traffic. Cruisers and canal narrow boats seem to be the occupants of the dock, along with a tall ship of some kind.

Remnants of dock life exist and here we have a railed steam crane.

image004We can see that the warehouses were taken over for other uses. At one time one of them was occupied by a fantastic packaging museum. I believe that is now in London. There is still a first rate canal museum and also a ‘Soldiers of Gloucestershire’ museum.

It’s worth a visit – particularly if you like your industrial heritage.



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